Craft your ‘Cool Quotient’

If you are following me on Twitter or Instagram, you must be seeing my extreme ‘diet- food’ picture I have been posting for more than 5 weeks now (I will be posting them for another 5 weeks). Why? Because I am crafting my cool quotient.

What is a Cool Quotient according to me – For me cool quotient is something, say some skill or some habit or looks or ‘talent’ which comes naturally to you. So naturally, that people say, “He is a damn cool guy”!

To understand this more, imagine or remember that guy in your school/college who was good at public speaking, and you people used to say ‘this comes naturally to him’. Think about the person who always used to win 100m sprint in your school and you guys considered him ‘cool’. The person who could play the guitar anytime anywhere, The person who could create presentations in minutes, the person who won every time he plays with cards, etc. are considered ‘cool’ in society.

And, somewhere, we all crave the ‘coolness’ within us. We all wish to be good at some sport, or some skill or something related to appearances like good hair, or abs or good legs, etc. But what if you are not? This blog is about how to craft the ‘cool quotient’ within you.

  • First, you have to choose what do you really want to be good at, is it some sport? Or some skill? For me, personally, I want to be lean enough so that I can remove my shirt anytime anywhere and the public should admire me and my abs. It will be my ‘cool quotient and people will ‘think’ that it comes naturally to me. (but I know the truth of dieting and gym workout)
  • Once you have chosen your cool quotient, it is time to make a map/schedule on how you are going to craft that. Another cool quotient of me (I think so) is a table tennis game. Six months before I was a newbie in this, but playing almost 2 hours daily has made this game ‘cool’ for me. Now I enter table arena without even thinking of losing and I play so efficiently that people around me or my opponents (most of the time) ‘thinks’ that TT comes naturally to me, but the truth is I never touched a TT bat before this year. My map was to learn this game in three months but it took me to six and I am still behind that ‘pro’ edge of this game. But I know that I can face anyone anytime in this game now.
  • You will have to find a mentor who is going to help you to craft this quotient. You will have to ask for help. You need a ‘Guru’ who is going to make you understand how this quotient is developed and how long it might take. Even after transforming many people, even I consulted a coach for my own diet. For TT, I called ‘pros’ and practised with them consistently to learn more tricks and tips. Books and Videos can help only to an extent, but after a certain time, you need a guru to help you in this.

What to do after?

Now that you have crafted your cool quotient, how to sustian it? Keep practising once in a while but don’t spend any longer hours into this until and unless it is your passion and you are earning your bread and butter out of it.

Simuntaenously, start mentoring other people as well who wants to learn your skill. Teach them for free, after your they need a ‘guru’ as well. And never let your cool quotient make you egoistic. People who got big ego are never ‘cool’.

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