Stop walking like a Penguin!

Your body language and personality plays a major role in creating dominance among people around you. Either you are the dominant one or not, there is no middle group in this. If you fail at this, people will force their ideas, their beliefs and notions upon you and you will have to accept all those because of your submissive nature, body language and personality.

There are several ways and tips you can find on the internet which will teach you how to become a dominant person including things like getting a good physique, develop a heavy voice, etc. But walking is something you can fix today by being conscious about it.


What is penguin walk exactly?

Look at this video, I shot randomly.


Did you notice how his toes are not in a straight direction and unparallel? If yes, you got my point.


Now notice the direction of my toes in the video below. They are parallel and moving forward in a straight direction.


This is what I am trying to convey. Start walking by keeping your toes straight.

Read more about it here:

Be aware of it next time when you walk. And do look at other people’s walk to understand more about it.

It will improve your posture drastically and good posture plays an important role in developing dominance around your group.



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