Thinking to join Graphic Designing as a Career Option? Here’s Something You Should Know.

Graphic Designing is not just limited to the memes you see on some social media channel or the celebrity banner you see outside of your local vendor shop. If you are thinking about graphic designing as a career keep that in mind that every career has their benefits and cons. Before you choose Graphic designing as a career option, You should know behind the pretty designs what you are actually getting into. After the stressed out nights of designing there comes a pleasure that no one refuses. You are creative, smart and you even think outside the box? This is the perfect time to start your career in Graphic Designing. Hello, guys, this is my first blog post and I will try to keep this blog post to the minimal, to the point and updated as much as possible. With over a total experience of more than 5 years in this industry working with major brands as a freelancer, I am penning down the list I experienced as a graphic designer in my country, India.

1. Things you want to start with

It’s not important in the starting of your career to buy everything like a supercomputer, graphics tablet or a smartpen. A good internet connection with major software out there can get you the job done. Alongside you will need a pen and a diary to mind map the design you want to display. With each day of your graphic designing career, you will get to learn and observe something new each day, your mind would not be the ease at sometimes. Even at night during your sleep time, you will be having dreams about how the previous designing can be improved. Keep your mind calm, to think faster and outside of the box.
PS. Use mediation applications if you are not good like me in meditating.

2. Your creativity will not be a joke

It can cost a lot to the industry people to promote a brand through video campaigning or through offline activities. Even your bad humour meme skills can do the job done for the company and they will be happy to pay you rather than putting too much money on risk. People still like to consume more information rather than going through the whole promotional stuff. So be creative bring out your all old jokes turn them into a good graphic design and you will be good to go when your design is reached to the right audience.

Make sure you stand out, no one would like to see old repeated designing of yours. Clients extra changes might get you down but it’s a beautiful challenge creating something within given terms later on you will be great at what you design but remember designing is always subjective, think from the clients perspective, pitch them good because sometimes even they don’t know what they want. Pitch them design idea so good they can not reject.

3. What to prefer? Job or freelancing.

Blunt and to be honest, Avoid doing freelancing at the beginning of your career. Exposure, choose wisely why you need it and when you need it. Freelancing with Indian clients is still an issue, on the other hand, you can freelance with foreign partners and get paid for the value and time accordingly. Prefer a stable job over freelancing, freelancing can get a lot of hectic issues. Too many projects, too many changes and what not. On the other hand, you will be working with a particular set of skills, You need to expertise in. During the job keep practising other design trends in the industry.

4. Be always ready for some criticism

Different mind, different ideas & different perspective. There’s no getting around the corner what is the perfect design or is your design worth? I used to like most of the designs before and now I am just keen about the designs. A simple mistake can actually be a turn off for me these days. I judge people on their designs. Always criticizing about the simple mistake, Same other can do that do so be always ready do not get your morale down, keep yourself calm and understand how to deal with the criticism and how to improve. The client sometimes does not even know what he wants or not but will always have a picture in mind he can not explain, make sure you read minds.

5. Can you even keep yourself updated, bro?

Rule your designing game with the latest trends in the industry. No one is expecting you to repeat the old design trend and give you the money you asked for. Follow the artists you like, catch the trends yourself on the youtube video or a company posting. I do not know if you keep yourself updated or not, I am here to help. Message me on any of my social media channels Instagram or twitter and I will be happy to share the recent news with you.
You will have to keep your designs modern and relevant to survive in this industry, the experience won’t matter much only your work will speak.

6. Get ready to be depressed, no kidding.

Clients feedback can actually be a war call for you, you will be stuck there not even knowing what else can you do to please your master. How many changes can be there before you thought wow this is my perfect work, now there won’t be any changes. Let me remind you reader, “This design is cool, said no client ever”. Ready to take that too? moving on to the very next point…

7. The competition

Just a point to add, do not compare your pay with the highest earning doctors or engineers. You will be earning enough and you will get to know over the time how and when to convert your 5 digit salary to 6 or 7 digits one.

Your skills will only develop over time, give dedication to the designing to stand in the competition. There a lot of graphic designers out there, make sure you stand out and make your own name. The market is competitive, along with making your designs you will have to do the marketing of your designs too. You will have to keep updating your portfolio according to the industry needs.

So what can you do more to clear your doubts?

I get this question a lot on my channel. I would only recommend you to go for a diploma in the beginning and see where it goes. Now that you know some of the pros and cons of being a graphic designer, Hope you will get the idea if this is right for you or not. Meanwhile, follow me on this channel and I will keep writing more plus you can add a comment I will be happy to reply more.

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