Why Tik-Tok ban is the​ right thing!

“Teri pyari pyari do ankhiyaa”

“Bohot hard bohot hard”

“Re mayi meri fikar teri”

“Aal tu jalal tu”

“ottagthia kathiko”


Read further if you know these terms I mentioned above.

We all laughed on these cringe-worthy videos on social media but one thing was clear, we hated these videos but couldn’t stop ourselves from watching them again and again because the feed of Instagram and tiktok is an infinite scroll up, secondly, we wanted to see what height of stupidity they will reach in next video. This app somewhat worked on the same principle of those cringe-worthy South, Bhojpuri film, Tinder swiping, Porn and Gaming. We keep indulging ourselves in them till the end (even after knowing the content is very stupid) to check what will happen next.


These videos were so stupid and idiotic that whenever my twitter reach went down, I just downloaded a few and posted on my timeline and people RTed them endlessly. Few Facebook pages are now having more than 1million likes by making memes on these videos. This thing went really viral.

This was about the audience and why we entertained them so far. Now let’s talk about users of this app.

If you have seen enough videos generated through this app, you might have been aware of the user base. Majority of kids (under 18) and people from villages and areas where Salmon Khan or movies like Housefull do first-day first show business. Minority crowd was of celebs, or people from an elite section of society (SJWs of internet, please see, I am just mentioning demographics here, do not attack me). Why they indulged in this app most?

  • Social media and the internet give everyone a platform to showcase their skills and talents to the world with minimum production cost. Just like I use this blog to send my message and views across, these kids used tiktok to showcase something which they understood as ‘talent’ or maybe a ‘skill’. It started long back with the app called dubsmash and then tiktok (formerly known as musically) took over. Because of the infinite scrolling UI and habit of the audience to scroll it infinitely, these kids started getting millions of views and hence fake validation but real dopamine spike. They legit thought that this could become their long term career, they ignored their studies, skill learning sessions, fought with their parents and got fully into it. Now because of the million views and likes, advertisers started approaching them for brand promotions and they ‘proved’ themselves in front of everyone who thought they would fail in this.


  • Now when they started seeing others making name and fame by making stupid videos, they went full weird and generated as much as cringe stuff as they could. They asked their small kids (kids younger than 8 yr of age) in this bullshit and recorded videos with them. Their echo chamber was praising their efforts and they thought its working, what a great validation, it feels better than an orgasm.




But stupidity and fake validation can go up to certain limits only. We started hearing news about how paedophiles are taking advantage of this platform and lurking over videos of these kids. We heard how a boy shot his friend as he was using desi katta to mimic some Bollywood scene and we also saw the news about how a boy committed suicide when his friends made fun of him after seeing his ‘female’ avatar in one of the tiktok videos.

I was pretty sure about this friend harassment thing because when I met my 16-year-old cousin 4 months ago, she told me she has been asked if she makes a tiktok video when she joined a new coaching centre, if yes, no one would take her in their hangout group. I realized that day only how stupid thing this tiktok is and it is creating a ‘section’ within kids of being sensible and being stupid.

And when you belong to the ‘stupid’ section, kids won’t think twice before harassing you or taunting/slying you every now and then. Kids are direct in nature, they don’t care about SJW-ism of internet.

Imagine losing your kid because of a stupid app.




“But they were making money and fame. Where is the problem?”

  • The problem was – not learning any useful skill or long term skill and wasting time in a thing which results in NOTHING. These kids will be in the market within 5-6 years and when the reality will hit them, they will outrage about jobs being not present in the industry. (also add to the fact that everything is becoming AI-powered, we are going to lose jobs to robots and intelligent software)


And how a ban going to help?

  • I am aware of how effective bans are in our country. Porn sites are banned, still, I find a new beta thirsty male addicted to it. Weed is banned, still, I find a new addict every day. Tik Tok users are now downloading apk files and using this platform to show outrage. But this ban will help to create awareness among parents of these kids addicted to stupidity. After all, we blame parents for every wrongdoing in our lives, so why not give them the power of awareness to stop their kids from doing all this.
  • And if you are an adult, especially the girls who are making sexualizing tiktok videos just to attract beta thirsty males in your following list, you are inviting something which will create problems for you in future. And to the adult men, if you are above 18 and still doing such things, imagine what your grandkids going to learn about the history of their family. “Omg grandad you used to be 25kg and injected ketchup sauce in your eyes to get viral????“.

Not talking about much before, just before the era of 60 years, people of your age used to fight wars on fields. Do something useful with your life. This ban is a chance to become self-aware of your stupidity and cringe you are spreading in your history. Once posted, the internet never allows you to delete your content. Think twice before doing things, what are you going to write in your autobiography? Chapter – 1 “I applied Vicks in my eyes to fake tears“?



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