I am on Tik-Tok now!

Yes, I know I only wrote the article on Why Tik-Tok ban is the right thing! but now I am on tik-tok. Discussing my reasons below, short blog.

  • See, to be very honest, I saw this app going downhill after seeing how mad people are going on with songs and ‘wasting’ their time in creating dumb content which is not useful for anyone. I am still against such type of content, but at the same time, as you know, I love observing people around me. What I observed that few people at my gym, my building’s security guard, my maid’s daughter, my society’s swimming coach, etc. are continuously using this app. Like they scroll mindlessly without breaking their concentration just how we do on Facebook and Instagram sometimes. Instagram, Youtube and Facebook gave opportunities (to create content) to a certain section of society (please, don’t outrage on using classification of ‘society’) and people I mentioned above never felt comfortable in using them, to create or to absorb the content on it. And this is exactly where tiktok came into the scene and became famous even after changing its name (from muscial.ly). Maybe the Bollywood-ness attracted them to this app or maybe the UI which is very simple, I am not sure, but these people are hooked on this app. Try to observe this around you.
  • Now, the good thing about active content creators is that whenever they see an opportunity or new platform, they jump into it and start creating content for more followers, likes and hence, money. There is somewhere ‘Greed’ into this and they start creating content which is either based on ‘fooling’ people or talking shit about something they don’t know about or spreading ‘bro-science’ like fire. And this is exactly what is happening in tiktok-fitness section. I was browsing this app one day and saw a few videos, about 90% of them are steroid users and they are spreading bro-science about science and fitness which in turn can harm people. Even if their pieces of advice are not ‘harmful’ as such, but they are not useful at all. Like below this ‘quack’ is saying one can fix their eyesight just by rubbing and eating almonds, seriously?


  • As a diet planning coach, and if you are following me on social media, you must have seen that I teach people about diet and nutrition for free, with all science-backed up facts and figures. I, intentionally indulge in debates so that people can understand actual science. For the same reason, I decided to open a tiktok profile. I seriously want to shut all these “bro-sciencers” who are spreading wrong information about fitness and nutrition on tiktok and directly harming their audience. Now watch this video and imagine if my security guard, who is already not financially well settled, take this bullshit advice for his ‘fitness’.


  • On tiktok, I will be teaching everyone on how to make a diet chart all by yourself, details about macronutrients, all queries about diet, fitness, gym, etc. I run on garyvee principles, I will do this for free without any forced brand promotion or selling my own brand of whey (sometime in the future). I just want to reverse engineer all the misguided youth in this country.

What can you do about it?

  • Install this app. Control yourself from consuming bad content, check for content who are bullshitting people and call them out. I comment on 20-25 videos daily, even if one person read my comment and save his life from these quacks, I would be happy as fuck.

My username on tiktok is chiragbarjatya47 in case you want to check my content. It is in Hindi so that I can reach maximum people.


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