Q n A – 4

Q: What needs to be a healthy diet during workout session?

A. I am not sure if you are asking about during or general healthy diet. But anyway, you should read get shredded document by Fitmag. Google it.


Q: How to cope up with grief, anxiety, guilt after you have been sexually harassed?

A. Please connect with @snehal_singh_dikhit on instagram for help. I am not an expertise in advising you anything at present.


Q: How parents influence most of the decisions in our lives as a kid and how can we grow out of it? 

A. Interesting question. I will write an article on this soon.


Q: I have childhood friends but being out with best friends sometimes it hurts what they say.

A. Do not keep friendship with people who are negative in nature. Meet new people, make new friends.


Q: How one should love themselves? 

A. Well, I do not believe in self love philosophy. Because of this self love thing people are getting weak day by day. No one is putting efforts in improving their physical abilities because some SJW video told them to love themselves. You should love the efforts you are putting on yourself not the results or present “You” because self-love will put a full stop in your growth. Life is difficult. Life is all about suffering. Enjoy it.


Q: Importance of reading books?

A: Consider this – Your brain has 10,000 doors. Each new book acts like a key to one door. Reading new book/thesis/forum/thread/blog will open the doors in your brain. That is why it is important to read.


Q: Something for engineering students?

A: I was not an engineering student. And what do you want to ask? Dm me.


Q: Existential crisis ?

A. Read Meditations by Marcus to solve it.


Q. How to forget someone you love?

A. You are suffering from Oneitis. Read Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi to solve it.


Q. How to invest and save money in mutual funds etc?

A. I will write on this soon. Still researching on few things.


Q. How to make the best bond between parents and children?

A. I will article article on this.


Q. From being a boy to being a Man?

A. Read Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi.


Q. Jack of all trades or Master of One?

A. I believe in Jack of all trades. Today on internet you can make surplus amount of money by being skillful in 5 different things. Though it depends on how much stress you can take and dedication you can give to your skills. I personally love to write. I work as cinematographer, I am studying Nutrition and Fitness, Learning Spanish and Psychology. It is difficult sometimes but its fun.


Q. Being a little less competitive and/or taking it easy in life?

A. You have one life. Ask yourself – Do you want to win or Do you want to fight for rights with 70 other socialists after 10 years.


Q. How we reduce the time to use phone?

A. I switch it off. That’s the only thing worked for me so far.


Q. Boosting self confidence?

A. Develop and learn new skills. Your confidence will boost automatically.


Q. Something on Depression?

A. Still researching few things. I don’t want to give any half baked advice. Will be writing an article soon with facts, figures and research.


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