Q n A – 1

Q. How do you stay motivated despite all adversities and setbacks from the world?

A. I follow two mental switch for this. First, my childhood was of lower middle class family. Rented house, 4 people on a scooter, etc. Though my Dad never gave us uncomfortable life intentionally BUT I don’t want that lifestyle back, so I work hard irrespective of setbacks. Second, Buddha teachings, which says, life is meant to be difficult and full of struggles, it is a war in which you have to suffer everyday so that tomorrow you can shine like a diamond.


Q. What is your daily schedule and Future Planning? 

A. To be honest I don’t follow a schedule. I try to get good sleep of 8-9 hours everyday. I workout and eat according to my macros and I work as per my project and client’s requirements. And I am focusing on community building for future.


Q. Stuck in one-sided love what should I do now she don’t love me and I love her.

A. You are suffering from Oneitis – Google the term. You are very young and for obvious reason you should not waste time behind one person. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Read this book by Rollo Tomassi – https://amzn.to/2CcVoj6 if you want to save your life. Every penny is worth.


Q. How much revenue from the Blog?

A. Hey, I don’t write for revenue as of now. My all focus is on community building. Though my amazon links are affiliated.


Q. I just can’t get rid of the sugar and also I am not consistent with my work.

A. Do one thing. Keep a target of one day at a time. Like Monday you won’t have sugar. Then try Tuesday. And so on. This is the basic of developing any habit.


Q. What do you do when you feel rejected and someone else is chosen instead of you?

A. No one can reject me. Because I have abundance of everything. Earning source? I have lots. Friends? I can be friends with anyone. Dates? I can ask out anyone. Life is too short to feel ‘rejected’ and too long to remain ‘rejected’. Focus only on yourself and your family. Rest people will come and go and it should not bother you.


Q. What to do for your problem of being attached to people real soon and then you have Fomo?

A. You are getting attached to a person because you lack something in your life. The lack of purpose. Find it. Meditate daily to clear your mind and find what you really love to do. Or get a Pet.


Q. How to stop mind from Wandering while meditation?

A. You should not worry about this. Let your mind wander. Meditation means to observe your thoughts not to control them.


Q. I get angry easily on every small things, similarly I cry very easily and I feel everything other says to me.

A. Looks like you have less control on your emotions. Follow Monk Mode and Stoicism for sometime. It will help you to regain control on your emotions.


Q. How to make a career in an unusual field like anything related to movie industry and how to convince your parents?

A. See the field of movie industry is not unusual anymore. You have institutions and internet teaching easily accessible. My process: – Make good instagram profile and start learning film making simultaneously from internet. Start DMing people who are already in this field and offer them that you want to work for free. Start working and networking. And so on. Regarding Parents, they won’t understand easily. Practical advice – Keep trying and be stern every time if you are really passionate about it. For more tips you can read my blog series on this field. https://chiragbarjatya.com/category/a-guide-on-how-to-grow-as-a-photographer-in-india/ 


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