Baldness and Your Confidence!

I will come directly to point. When you start experiencing baldness, the first thing you try is “Hair Growth” products. So let me tell you few good products which helped me and many of friends in good hair growth.

  1. Biotin Capsules: It helps. Though there are not enough evidences for scientific research but many people has confirmed about the positive effects of Biotin Capsules. There are no side effects so what is the harm in trying? You can buy biotin here:
  2. Collagen: Another good supplement. Can be taken in powdered or capsule form. Also, this thing is very good for your joint health and skin. You can buy collagen powder here:
  3. Argan Oil: Revolutionary stuff. Not going to life. This oil is has improved my skin and hair so much. You can read more about same on google. I mix it with coconut and castor oil, apply overnight. Shampoo next morning. Buy it here:
  4. Eat good protein diet, curd, workout and avoid sugar.


Now, This was to save your hair. But if you have already lost majority of them, you have two option. Either get a transplant done or live life like this person:

V8ys1hbv_400x400 Okay I am just joking. (or may be not)

Hair loss is not a big deal when you are confident and working on your strengths every day. If you have:

  • good physique
  • powerful position in society 
  • And Money. (People I mentioned above are rich af)

That’s it.

Power, Good Physique and Money should be your focus. In a hypergamous world, the partner you are looking to mate with doesn’t really care if you got hair and not on your head. All they care about your position in the society.

Go hit the gym. Be jacked.

Go develop a new skill and invest your money wisely.

Go out and meet new people. Make your networking strong.

Hairloss is very much based on heredity and few external issues as well like pollution and the type of water you are consuming. You cannot control the loss every time. So better option is to make other things your strength. Stop over thinking on issues which are not in your hand.


Still having doubts? Hit me up in DMs or Email me.


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