My issues with ZERO

My views on movie ZERO.

For a long time in the industry, SRK is one of the only actors who really acts. He has the audacity to play a negative role, to play Devdas, to play don and then play a superhero and then a vertically challenged person. If compared to few so-called new age actors who have been doing same consistent roles of Father or a Delhi guy or an addict gangster, SRK is really a versatile one.

But I don’t understand why he is choosing such bad scripts since last few films. was an experiment. We understand. The VFX of that movie acted as a portfolio for Red Chillies VFX company. But, yesterday someone named dhillion posted on twitter about how Zero was an experiment for scriptwriters and we should respect it. 

Should we? I don’t think so.

An average Indian consumer who is spending 600 bucks on a movie doesn’t really care about what kind of experiment you did or what kind of depression you are going through. He doesn’t understand the ‘script’. All that he wants is pure entertainment for those three hours. That’s it. Now it is your job how to include your art while maintaining that entertainment. Hollywood has been doing that for long now. Why can’t we?

– Do we have fewer resources?

– or unskilled workforce?

– or less capital?

I don’t think so. And that is exactly why I didn’t like Zero.

After the 2014 elections, the country got divided into two kinds of people. One who cares about nationalism and one who finds it cringeworthy. After seeing the success of John and Akshay films, we know what kind of people are in majority. And nationalism doesn’t sell only in India but also in Hollywood. They show the utmost respect for their flags and country in their movies (which we idolize a lot) – Then why the hell you didn’t care about showing ISRO instead of NASA (NSAR) in the movie? Why didn’t they write a movie around ISRO’s Mars mission? Are we a poor country? Or the script needed a must NASA? No.

Also, someone on twitter posted that we are being too hard on SRK. If ayushman or someone similar did this role we would have been praising him. See, you need to understand this, SRK is head and boss of all these new age actors. If he has the audacity to experiment, we have the right to question his experiment. Will we question ayushman or Vicky or Nawaz? Obviously no. They are not SRK.

Other issues with Zero and SRK as a whole:

– SRK has been pushing female actors a lot since the time of om Shanti om when he decided that female lead name will come first. Did it help? Maybe on a personal level but not an audience. No one cares. And in this act, he started pushing actresses like Anushka. Who ruined Harry met sejal by speaking broken Gujarati and now zero by acting half-heartedly and moving around 3-4 film sets. Still, you want their names to be shown first? Why?

– In the movie, Bauaa was shooting starts, We legit thought that was some superpower or something which takes him to space. But blank. Broken script. Do scriptwriters want respect for such loopholes?

– That scene where all the celebrities were at the party. Why? And if you want to write such scenes, make a song on it. Like om Shanti Om. Good old days.

– What happened to that kid of theirs? I would have loved it if she turned to be an astronaut and then finds shuttle of bauaa in the end

– And 15 years without food supplies? utmost respect to scriptwriters here. On one side you want to write and show space and exploration and on the other hand, you went full south Indian. 

I just hope SRK comes back with movies like Swadesh or Chak de for once. Enough of experiments. 

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