My Findings of Bhagwad Geeta! (part 2)

11. Those who meditate with expecting something in return, are fools. And those who meditate expecting nothing in return attain mental peace. Big lesson. Majority of people meditate for benefits. Whereas, one should meditate as just an activity.

12. Those who do not give back to nature (in whatever way) from their earnings are the biggest thief in the society. When you don’t give back to nature, you are breaking the law of nature. And Nature will surely punish you in his ways.

13.  When you have responsibilities of people on you or take, for example, you have fans or lots of followers, It becomes your duty to move on right path-always. Because if you are on the wrong path, you will motivate your followers for same and it will create major chaos in society

14. Also, do not force (or disturb) people who do not understand the motive of meditation and purpose in their lives. One should keep doing his work, they might get motivate seeing you or might not. Do not waste time on such people. Leave them on their own.

15. It is all about what is your purpose and passion in life. If it is not fulfilled, you will always be unsatisfied. Example: a director wants to direct that one movie. An Athlete wants to break that record.

16. Also if you working without any purpose in your life, you are similar to a buffalo or donkey. 

17. In any point in life, meditation (or achieving mental stability and peace) can help you to find your purpose in life. It will also make your life enjoyable and you would feel elated in every turn of life.

18. Technically your mind is never stable. It is always working. Even when you sleep, it is making dreams. Even when you sit to meditate, it is working. What can you do for the stability of mind? Observe. Observe your thoughts.

19. You find this bhagwad Geeta only when it is required. You will read and go through it only when it is decided. This same thing was mentioned in the autobiography of a yogi as well. And he explained the same thing in the bible also. You pick up great books only when it is required.

20. And when you read this book you will leave anger, fear and greediness behind. Automatically. If not, you must read it again.

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