My Findings of Bhagwad Geeta!

After finishing almost 16 books this year (including self-help, philosophy and few business books), I asked my twitter friends to gift me, Bhagwad Geeta. Why gift? Because what I heard previously that great books become greatest when someone passes ’em to you, so I thought instead of buying it, let’s ask someone.

And I received my copy in a few days. Thanks to Ruchira.

I am half way through Geeta. And this book feels like the books of all books. Whatever I learned in other 16 books, all are included in some or other way in the Bhagwad Geeta.

So starting today, I will be writing about my learnings/my interpretations and what I am learning through this great book. (10 points at a time)

Also, Please read by yourself first to understand it more.

  1. As basic as it gets, the thing which learned at a very early stage of school – Energy cannot be destroyed or made. It can only be transferred in one form to another
    I am writing this because this book ain’t some primary school thing but a book which is older than our great scientists like Albert, Edison. It is older than our year count. It is one of the oldest text and yet they described this basic thing in the start.
  2. The person who has strong control over his emotions, impulsive happiness or sadness, can achieve anything he wants.
  3. All your emotions are nothing but a chemical reaction in your brain. You are nothing but an energy bound together in a form of atoms, here for a purpose. Your sadness or your happiness doesn’t matter. You – as an energy will keep transforming.
  4. Around 8 sholkas explained why there is no point wasting time being sad, depressed or waste time in the dwelling, reason – you are nothing but an energy. It is all chemicals in your brain.
  5. Work is the only purpose of your life. One should keep his emotions and his fears aside and work on his purpose. All the time
  6. All people are not intelligent. And because of less knowledge, they often think and believe that good life = alcoholism and pleasure. And hence they suffer from the instability of their mind. Those who cannot keep their mind stable can never feel satisfaction (not utmost) in life.
  7. Also, however intelligent you are, even if you have knowledge of all the books in the world (Vedas), you have to sit in meditative state to make your mind stable. Only a stable mind can achieve success.
  8. Work and give value to other without expecting anything in return. That’s the only way to achieve mental stability for forever. If you are expecting things in return from others, you will keep drowning in the deep circle of mental instability.
  9. Meditation is the only way to achieve mental stability for forever. Signs of stable mind: you do not feel happy when things go right. You do not feel sad when they don’t. You are always neutral.
  10. To achieve the utmost mental peace, you have to take control on your needs in this materialistic world. It cannot be ever fully fulfilled. There is no stop to your greediness. Control it.


I will be writing more soon.

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