Principles of your life -2

1. Say you’re sorry only when it is absolutely necessary. People who say sorry a lot are easy to manipulate and rule. What kind of person you want to be? Say sorry only when u want to not when someone wants you to.

2. Never go into isolation because of someone else’s action on you. Generally people go into isolation if someone troubles them, don’t. Be in community, find other allies, group with them and then defeat your enemy real hard.

3. Always say instead of asking. “I am doing this” instead of “can i do this”. Few will tag this behaviour toxic but subconsciously people admire such human beings who take actions instead of waiting for permissions.

4. Try to never look in a hurry. Always be patient however the circumstances are. People who are in hurry all the time can be manipulated easily. Be patient af. U should always appear like that The Time is your female dog instead of vice versa.

5. Whenever u ask for help, always appeal to people’s self interest. If u going to ask for help without making it profitable for the other party, they won’t. Need someone’s help? Tell them about profits first. Provide value to get value

6. Always keep a negative point of visualization in your mind to push yourself to work hard everyday. For example: what if something happens to my parents tomorrow, am i doing enough to sustain myself independently? It is a part of stoicism

7. Never accept yourself by how society made you. Keep changing and challenging yourself everyday with new goals, ideas and adventures. The day you will accept the way you are, you will stop growing.

8. In any relationship, the person with the most power is the one who needs the other the least.

9. Always make a note of person’s weakness. Could be anyone, maybe your cousin, your friend, your business partner. This note will help you a lot when things go bad between you and that person.

10. Always give reward and attention to the person who is benefiting you in either way. People love attention and rewards. Your partner did something good? Appreciate her. Your employee did something good? Bonus. Your kid did something good? Reward.

11. Purpose. Always have a purpose in your life to avoid chaos of depression and anxiety in your brain. Don’t have purpose yet? Start making day to day purpose. It could be anything. Your family’s health or society’s betterment or technology advancement or you yourself.

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