Social Media is a Game!

Social media is a game. Just like any other game be it field games like football and cricket or board games like chess and checkers, social media is a game. And when you play a game your priority should be to win it rather than losing it or getting affected by it. Sometimes games are difficult sometimes they are easy. Every day is different when you are playing a game. And on social media, you play game every second (considering you are an active user of it)

I am seeing lot of people are getting affected by it. Sometimes they complain about people ganging up against them, sometimes they complain about someone ignoring them or sometimes i social-media-2690966_1280see them getting affected by someone’s bad game. That’s not how it should be.

Understand this people. Social media is a Medium which makes you social. If we go by definition, media is a form of mass communication, hence, social media helps you to communicate with the masses through texts, videos, pictures, voice which comes through your ideas and observations from real world.

When you enter in the game of social media, like for example a new twitter account or a new Facebook profile, or maybe a new Vlog, just like any other real life game, Do Not expect people to appreciate you, to help you, to motivate you, or any other snowflake-ism bullshit. To be honest, people will bully you, they will shut your voice every time you speak and they will drag you left right and center (like football). It is you who have to make your own position and place in crowded game like social media.

Every word you put out there with a sense of positivity (your weapon) will always be thrashed by others in initial and sometimes even in later phase. This is when you have to stay strong on your ground and on your ethics. Keep pushing your content out without worrying about what others are doing to you, just like a newbie player on the field. He is nervous, he is scared, he is anxious about the entire stadium watching him, but what should he focus on? His game and nothing else.

This game is still easy in a way that you can block/mute others in comparison to real life games where you have to face every kind of evil, trolls and competition. Use these options wisely. Social media is meant for you to connect with masses. Use it. Don’t let it use you.

Be expressive. Positive. Ruthless. Focused. And Bring values to other. People will start noticing it slowly and your game will improve and your team will form.

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