Principles of Life. – 1

I have been following and applying some rules in day to day life. I pick them up from books, forums, real life mentors and biographies of people. Mixing them and posting here for you guys.

1. Your bubble is everything. Always be aware of your bubble around you and do not let someone poke it in any condition. Do not let negativity and sad miserable people affect your bubble. Nothing can stop you if your bubble is intact around you.

2. Never try to fix or reconstruct failed relationship. It will consume all your time energy and charm. Better use this on someone new. Failed relationships are vomit, and normal human beings do not lick their own vomit under any circumstances.And if u do it, it will get messy af

3. Never try to outshine someone who taught you how to do things. Your mentor, your master, your teacher deserves utmost respect and shall be respected always. If you become better than them, never make them realise that.

4. Attention is everything. Always try to gain positive attention in the crowd. All attention should be on you ALWAYS. Be larger, be colorful, be mysterious, just don’t be a one of the sheep crowd.

5. Always keep your image clean af. Never let your image your reputation go in flush. Reputation is everything, once lost, cannot be regained. Do not do stupid things which will result in loss of your reputation.

6. To disarm your enemies and stupid fuck people, always try to make them angry or trigger them. But you should remain calm af in the process. This is a great way to filter your crowd and following. Rattle them and hold the strings, tight and sturdy.

7. Always appear dumber if u want to get your work done by a dumb person. Always make your victim feel smart af. Smartest if u take my opinion. Keep dumb person on pedestal to rule them.

8. Never be in a relationship with someone who makes u wait for sex. If someone is making u wait, the wait isn’t worth. He or she has already plans to dump you very soon.

9. Your time is everything. Your time > your money, your physical strength, your knowledge. Do not waste it on random shit. Give attention to only those who respect your time. Your time is valuable. Act accordingly

10. Always enter into arguments/debate/conflict or war with boldness. If you unsure then don’t. But if you are sure, just enter with boldness. Commit mistakes with audacity and correct them with more audacity. Everyone loves the bold.

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