Be Supercharged! Be Energetic!

What I am observing a lot in youngsters and people of my age is that they are tired all the time. Always in half sleep or yawning. I was myself the same kind of person till sometime back. But I followed some forums, did some studies, experimented and fixed my energy levels at best.

1. Fix your base of dopamine spike. We abuse our dopamine levels continuously by consuming media like Netflix, porn, gaming, social media validation. Start staying away from these things for sometime.

2. Get your vitamin D and B12 checked. They play major role in your always fatigued character. Most of us lack in these essential vitamins. Start supplementing.
If you are a male, please get your testosterone checked as well.

3. Tea. Tea plays major role in keeping you energetic af. Because of L-theanine. Better add more tea leaves next time and use stevia for sweetness. You can supplement yourself with this substance but tea is natural and love.

4. Sleeping routine. If you are in daily job unlike me. Please develop a fixed sleeping routine of not more than 7–8 hours. Sleep at 11 wake up at 6.

5. Early morning workout helps a lot. Drink a cup of caffeine (it helps to push you for another six hours). Workout. 10 minutes of mindfulness and then Eat high protein meal and leave for work.

6. Cold showers. Always prefer taking cold shower. If you are from extreme winters area. Set temp of water to little cold (not hot). Cold shower will make you mentally as well as physically strong. It is like daily battle which you must win.

7. Music: listen to music which pushes you forward instead of bringing up past memories. Can you change past? No. Can you change future, definitely yes. Listen to bin-aural beats while working. YouTube it.

8. Change your mindset to “create” instead of “consumption”. Next time when you are wasting your dopamine levels by scrolling through facebook videos, ask yourself: am i the consumer or am i the creator. Create so that stupids can consume.

9. Now imagine yourself as a guy who is smoking weed with a third peg of whisky. Eating kurkure kept on his tummy and watching television on which Ranveer singh with superman alike energy giving interview to media. You still have a choice.

10. Start having multivitamins. For your context. To cover daily requirement of vitamin c u need to eat 5 oranges. Which is better? 5 oranges full of unwanted calories or a tablet?

11. Do what you love. Passion is as important as breathing. It is never late. If you are passionate about work, you will be energetic all the time. Read the book called “mastery” by robert greene.

12. Kind of people you follow online and offline + the type of media you consume + type of books you read + what you eat = your energy levels.

13. You can google about these things for more information. My major focus is on dopamine abuse. Stop masturbating to screen full of objects. Conserve your energy and use it wisely on people, work and tasks.


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One thought on “Be Supercharged! Be Energetic!

  1. Kapil

    Chirag hey,

    Had keyed in ‘How to become a photographer in India ?’ for a friend, and stumbled upon the above article on your website. Appreciate your efforts to put all this out for others to read and benefit from. Since quite a few people will be reading what you write, I feel a little duty bound to tell you –

    – Tea and Caffeine no good – No sooner the caffeine present in tea, coffee and such beverages gets metabolized than its effects begin to wear off, and the unnaturally induced high will invariably ensue a crash while the body tries to bring itself back to a natural state of balance. This constant ebb and flow, high and low pattern harms the body and is quite detrimental in the long run.
    – Taking multivitamin tablet/capsule/syrup isn’t a good idea either; Go organic.
    – Replace Stevia by Patanjali Bura Sugar or Patanjali Maduram Jaggery powder.

    Hope this helps you in some way.

    Kapil Bhavsar


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