Podcast Notes: 9 – Youtube content creation and self awareness

Guest: Shubham Gaur- he is a famous YouTuber and a content creator.

Listen to the podcast here: https://anchor.fm/chirag-barjatya/episodes/Podcast-on-Youtube-content-creation–self-awareness-and-on-present-political-scenario-with-Shubham-Gaur-e5nvgk


How to learn and start creating content on youtube?

  • Identify what talent you have – comedy, stand up comedy, singing, fitness, dancing etc.
  • One should really have the interest to feature and get featured.
  • See tutorials on how a video is made.
  • Learn and keep making videos on your own to learn more.
  • Keep the audio and video clear enough.
  • Use unique and out of the box ideas.
  • Don’t become the crowd, monotonous stuff will never be seen by people.
  • Target sensible audience for your content.
  • Don’t compete and get into it to make money.
  • Don’t copy or use the same things as used in other videos.
  • Build your own unique style.
  • Connect with the audience.
  • Prefer using local languages if comfortable.



Criticism and failure:

  • If we talk about comedy, no comedy is clean.
  • Someone or the other is offended or insulted, that is for sure.
  • In our country, no legal action is usually taken for trolling or expressing views on social media.
  • Your content can be anything but it should be decent and acceptable.
  • If you are serving something, it is obvious that some may like it and some may not.
  • Be ready for rejection and improvement.
  • Don’t ignore the critics and negative reviews in your content.


If your content is related to politics and political scenarios:

  • If politics and politicians are the sources of your comedy content, make sure it is presented that you are doing it for comedy.
  • Don’t insult them totally.
  • Don’t make any content just to seek attention unaware of what is wrong and right.
  • Praise the good things that they have made happen.
  • Establish creditability. Don’t try to prove wrongs things correct and vice versa.


What kind of content does the YT industry need? Is there a bright future in this?

  • YouTube favours intelligent content.
  • The content and presentation should be very unique.
  • Topics and fields may not vary but the style of presentation is what gets the audience attracted.
  • Target good audience which is sensible enough to understand humour.


What role does self-awareness play?

  • You should be self-aware that is you should be sure of what you are doing.
  • You should be able to decide whether your content is worth or not.
  • One should make sure what is the motive behind her/his videos.
  • Keep a check on time invested on the same.



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