Long term goals and the ​future of “Reverse Engineering” and my content.

I started this blog to teach people about the things I am well versed with, read and experienced over time. It started with A guide on how to grow as a photographer in India and with the time I blogged more about how to change your life, on self-improvement topics, on fitness and on a social day to day life topics.

Things are going well so far. You people gave me a good response to my articles and things I share on my other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. (Special thanks to people who proofread my articles for free. I was weak in English earlier, trying my best now because of you).

Now why I ask you to join my facebook group – REVERSE ENGINEERING 

  • My idea is to create a community where we can help each other in career growth, act as an antidepressant to each other, an army which will look after wrongdoings on social media (like abusers and scammers). A kind of group similar to AA groups, where people can share, speak and talk to each other to find solutions, to find a shoulder and to find that push in life. This group shall help members to grow in every aspect of life be it fitness, how to speak, how to walk, career, relationships, marriage, parenting, etc. I want this community to be the most productive and most empathetic community ever. If you have more ideas on how I can improve this group, please ping me anytime.


  • I am trying my best to generate content as much as I could (as per my budget). Voice is the future and that’s why I like discussing topics on podcasts. If you have something valuable to share, please let me know. I will arrange things and we will record the podcast.
  • Regarding videos, I am still not sure how to take this section of content forward. I want to make videos but I am facing a mental block somewhere. Can you help me out?


  • I love writing. I will be writing more and more. I am soon publishing a book as well. If you want me to write for you or for your blog as a guest, let me know. I would love to add value to your blog.


  • Both are my favourite social media platform. I love how Twitter is so instant and how effective Instagram stories are. If you finding any difficulty growing your list, ask me, I will try my best to help you. (you can find me there as @chiragbarjatya)

That’s it for today. Thank you so much for bearing my writing style and my knowledge. Thank you so much for asking and criticizing me. Thank you for following me on my social media profiles and thank you for keeping my name in your subconscious mind.

Let’s grow together.


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