Podcast Note: 2 – How To Make Your Wedding Cost Effective & More Beautiful

The guest invited for this podcast was Rashmi Singh, you can know more about her on her available Instagram id: bindibrigade

Listen to the podcast here: https://anchor.fm/chirag-barjatya/episodes/How-to-make-your-wedding-cost-effective-and-more-beautiful-e3h90j

A wedding event is massive planning in which everything like dresses, jewellery, décor, venue and menu has to be taken care of. Here are some tips that Rashmi discussed with us to make a wedding cost-effective and graceful at the same time.


  • From where to shop? And why?
  • Shop from places where you can be in touch with your culture. For, eg, She had shopped her dresses from Jaipur because she belongs to that place and hence didn’t find it tough to find her wanted dresses.
  • Buy clothes which can be worn again. Yes, wedding dresses are unique but they can be worn only once or twice in a lifetime.
  • Don’t find yourself under peer pressure to buy costly dresses; normal ranged dresses also give the same look as for them.
  • Decide to go to one place for all the shopping, less confusion will be created and enough choices will be available too. There will be no ‘emotional shopping’


The idea of rental clothes:

  • Rent clothes only if you WANT to anyhow wear a cumbersome and expensive dress at your event.
  • Make sure you carry the dress well, any damage to it will cost you a high amount again.
  • You will not be able to alter or size the dress according to your fit.


Tips on jewellery:

  • Prefer online shopping, they don’t have a pattern of any “ wedding season sale”. For, eg, Utsav fashion online.
  • Online stuff is easy to browse and comparatively cheap.
  • Buy gold jewellery in bulk only if you like
  • Go for glass/fibre/laakh chhudha and avoid metal bangles, especially for those having a wedding in summer.


Tips on Dress and dress décor:

  • Buy heavy dresses only if you can carry it throughout the event.
  • Avoid zip dresses because zips are messy and difficult to replace in an emergency in a dress if damaged, instead use buttons and hooks.
  • Avoid using see-through dupattas so that any mishap with the dress can be covered with a solid dupatta.
  • In the hairstyling along with the dress, try to use artificial stuff like artificial flowers, brooch etc. so that they long last throughout your wedding till the last photo shoots too.
  • Manage if you can get a dye-able dress for you that can be dyed later to a different colour and wore several times.


Tips on event management and venue:

  • Decide the venue firstly according to the season in which your wedding is planned. Banquet halls for a summers day wedding and rainy season, Open halls or lawns for winters or summers as per your preference.
  • Two events per day can be managed because one plays for the venue according to per day charges.


Tips for venue decoration:

  • The focus or centre of attraction in a wedding event should always be the couple itself and not the decoration.
  • Try using contrast colours on the background with your wedding dresses.
  • Decent and light colours like pink, yellow and white will not make the venue too tacky.
  • Strictly avoid using coloured lights, they will get reflected on your dresses to make people see the same colour and leaving behind the original.
  • Try wearing lighter shaded clothes for a night wedding event.
  • Assure that one of your family members gets everything checked a day before the wedding event to avoid confusion and delay.


The motive of a wedding is basically gathering everyone for their good wishes and blessings to make a new start to life. Thus, people are meant to be kept happy in your event.

  • Sangeet and Mehndi events include a lot of dancing and singing activities. Hence, don’t force anyone to dance or sing at your event.
  • Ones who are comfortable with the stage will automatically take part.
  • Avoid competitions like dance or fashion shows between the two families that is the bride and the groom’s family. This will cause an unnecessary disturbance in the social harmony of the event.
  • Try to have events together and enjoy.
  • A Mandali can be arranged for those who are comfortable with light thumkas and enjoy themselves.


If a wedding is properly planned, it can be beautifully executed. You can manage the wedding costs at your minimal budget if certain above things are taken care of such as dresses, jewellery, decor etc.

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