Q n A – 5

Q. Your WordPress theme is amazing, which one is this? Also do you earn from your blog?

A. The theme is Lovecraft. And no, I don’t focus on earning right now. I will after publishing around 250 articles. Need to provide value first if I want money from someone.

Q. I want to do something in the Fitness Industry but not in the IG fitness industry. I shared some posts in Insta but I am not that interested in Social Media and pleasing people to get followers. But I have seen your post saying that your IG feed will be reflection of your passion and hard-work in future. So What I need to ask is IG is the only EFFICIENT way to excel in your passion? 

A. Very nice question. When you visit any cafe or any other public place, observe people. All of them are hooked on their mobile phones. This is just 2019. Now imagine the world in 2030. Everyone will be wearing electronic contact lenses or VR headsets. How will you penetrate among these people? The only way is to make content today so that they can come across your ‘passion’ or ‘business’ tomorrow. Just like the question you asked me here on Instagram, was it possible to ask somewhere else? You came across me on this platform so easily. Change yourself with the time. And start watching Gary vaynerchuk for more motivation on same.

Q. Why so busy!!!!!!

A. I work as a cinematographer and Editor to earn my whey and to pay my EMIs. I am studying Nutrition and Spanish. I workout once a day and play table tennis for 2-3 hours. Post that I write my blog and manage twitter, facebook, instagram ads and insights. While eating my meals I watch web series (to learn camera work and editing) and Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro and Joe Rogan videos (to fight with SJWs on internet). While Driving car I listen to audio books (completed art of seduction, now listening to 33 strategies of war).

Q. How can I put on Weight?

A. Be in caloric surplus. Read Get shredded document on Fitmag.in to understand more.

Q. How to design a blog in blogger?

A. Check youtube. I did same.

Q. Is it good to promise a girl to marry when I am in graduation?

A. No. Life isn’t a Bollywood movie. Focus on your career first.

Q. How to manage diet and workout with competitive exams? Problems in meal preparation?

A. If you cook yourself, cook all the food in morning. Focus on protein intake for now. Around 1.8g/kg of bodyweight.

Q. What is the first thing you notice about a person?

A. If she bites her nails. In men, how they handshakes.

Q. Do you apply sunscreen regularly? Are sunscreen important for guys?

A. I used to till last year. Now I don’t. Read somewhere that they are nothing but scam. I am not sure yet. I apply argan oil daily before bed.


Q. I have realized I am very controlling and demanding. If affects my relationships. How should I stop?

A. Two options: Either date someone who is more controlling than you or someone who ignores the fact that you are this kind of person. If the opposite person is throwing tantrums on your tantrums – it is a downhill.

Q. How can you stop spending money and health on alcohol?

A. Get 2-3 SIPs done. It will force you to save money.

Q. How can you approach more people to use your business service without sounding too desperate?

A. Keep posting about your work on Social Media. People will come automatically. Run targeted instagram ads for more penetration.

Q. How to get rid of the fear of answering in class? Though you have a strong feeling that your answer is right

A. Make a group in your class. Group where you are the dominant person. It will help you to be more confident.

Q. How to remove toxic people from your life?

A. Start cancelling their invitation of parties, etc. They will get the hint.

Q. How to improve your physical looks like skin, hair and physique?

A. Go on a diet. Workout daily. Drink lots of water. Take multivitamins. Apply argan oil.

Q. Are you a certified trainer or a sports nutritionist? 

A. Not yet. I will be soon. I think by March 2019.

Q. Is meditation really change the life? And make us more successful?

A. It helps you to have control over your emotions and anger. These two things helps in life a lot.

Q. Are you related to Sooraj Barjatya?

A. Very distant relative.

Q. Favorite personality trait in someone?

A. Acceptance of mistake. Humility. Sense of humor and Good Perfume.

Q. What things must be done 3 days before exam?

A. Take a good sleep. Eat good fats. And Revise.


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One thought on “Q n A – 5

  1. The question where how to answer in class:

    ~ Firstly avoid sitting on the back benches , secondly have a tight gut feeling your answer isn’t wrong and thirdly raise your hand, you’ll be flushed/ embarrassed once or twice when the answer is wrong or so but You’ll get rid of the fear.

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