Q n A – 3

Q. Is twitter addiction (specifically: getting into constant arguments on twitter) a bad thing?

A. It is bad even it is affecting your mental peace and causing some form of anxiety or hyper-ness issues. My advice is to use Twitter to promote what you work as. Banter with others positively. Those who argue or spread negativity, block them asap. People spread negativity on social media to cope up with their negative in real personal life and as I said earlier, always cut out negative people from your life. No matter who the person is, be it your mom or dad or close friend, if he or she is negative in nature, cut the communication. Nothing is more valuable than your mental health.


Q.Have you suffered any of these 1. Anxiety 2. Depression?

A. Yes both. I was not into medication but improving my diet and general life routine helped me a lot.


Q. What’s your opinion about psychotherapy and related medication?

A. I won’t be able to comment on this as I am into very initial stage of this thing. I am reading very basic stuff. It will take me time. Though these two things can help: First this video:   Jordan Peterson – What good therapy is and isn’t  

And you can DM @snehal_singh.dikhit on instagram to know more about it.


Q. Why shouldn’t people crave for relationship?

A. People should but not how Media and Bollywood has shown us. Since the earlier times, human beings preferred relationships for reasons being Male wanted to mate and Female wanted a provider to take care of her offsprings. That is basic rule of relationship. Society imposed forced marriage culture to protect human breed (as humans are poly in nature) and to provide mates to unworthy people who wanted to mate. But because of Media exposure, especially from 70s to 90s, we started expecting a lot from our relationships which is today one of the biggest cause of depression among people. That’s why they should not crave. Instead focus on your purpose and people will come along.


Q. Where did you complete your graduation from?

A. I was a media student. Studied from International School of Business and Media. But my majority of learnings were from Internet. That’s why I ask people not to waste money in a college education. It is of no use. (unless you are into SCIENCE TECH ENGINEERING OR MEDICAL)


Q. How to be sure if “she is the one”?

A. No she isn’t. It is just your turn.


Q. Is it okay to get used to being alone? Like you just think I am enough for myself?

A. No it is not. Never create boundaries around yourself. Networking is the reason why we humans are here today and soon becoming multi planet beings. Keep meeting people. You are never enough for yourself. One man army is a myth.


Q. How do you manage dating and work at same time?

A. I don’t date. It is all work or networking.


Q. I need a life suggestion. I want to achieve a lot but unable to do anything. I am 18 years old. 

A. You are just 18. Calm down. Make your health your priority, meditate daily. Cut out gaming and porn. You will find you way.


Q. How to control Mental Stress? 

A. Meditate. If you don’t know how, join my facebook group where I have posted various notes about how to meditate. Read those and then post your doubts. Meditation is like deadlifting for mind. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1839780486049954/


Q. Need some fitness advice.

A. Read this: https://www.fitmag.in/get-shredded/


Q. I am also based out of Pune. Want your guidance on few career things. Can we meet?

A. Yes definitely, I love meeting new people. DM me.

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