For me, Lockdown came as a Blessing!

Today is the 58th day of Lockdown as I am writing this article. Those who are reading this in 2030, if you remember, authorities asked us to be in our homes because of the Covid-19 scare, for our own benefit. We were going through a pandemic. This lockdown helped to avoid mass deaths of people around us but in turn, it affected our economy massively and millions of people lost their jobs and livelihood. Many migrant workers had to sleep empty stomach on roads and many had to beg for food as several government authorities failed to tackle such mass migration all of sudden. People were angry, people were into depression due to the uncertainties of the future and now we were just counting deaths in numbers instead of showing any sympathy to their kith and kins.  As of now, 20th May 2020, we have lost 3,25,239 people so far to this pandemic and the numbers are going up.

I am writing this article keeping everything into consideration. I also understand that this article might sound very ‘first world problem’ but I am accepting that I am able to write this article because I am privileged. I have also tried to donate to different funds running for the cause, as much as possible. I have personally tried to help as many people as I could. Please read the article with an open mind.


After being in lockdown for almost two months, now authorities are easing it up slowly and many of us are going back to routined life. Things are not the same but things will be better with the time. We humans have gone through plagues, world war and similar situations, we will go through it as well.

I remember first week of Lockdown. It was legit very depressing because I got stuck alone in my apartment and there was no clear view of the future, there is no view yet but now I have made peace with this situation. I was sad because my gym got closed and the food supplies took a stall and  I was anxious because I had to no idea when I will meet my family and friends next. But somehow , as days passed, I developed a new perspective and found out that this lockdown was a blessing in disguise. How? Read on.


  • My body needed rest from Gym and Heavy Weight Training

I was spending a bomb in physiotherapy since November 2019 because of arm and adductor injury. The physiotherapist was asking me to quit the gym for 2 months but I wasn’t ready for it. I had my own built-up timelines in my mind and hence, I wasn’t getting any improvement in my rehab. I was in a mindset that if I quit gym now, the people who work out with me on regular basis will get ahead of me in terms of fitness level and I will be left behind all alone. Read again – this was all in my mind, there was no competition or deadline. But then Lockdown happened and I had to sit at home because every gym was closed. And this fixed my injuries almost 99%. It was not possible otherwise because sometimes all we need is force.

  • I learned Deep Meditation and bit of Yoga

Before Lockdown life was so routined that I had not even a single minute to try new meditation and yoga skills because my commute used to take up 2-2.5 hours daily. Due to lockdown, I got this time to try new things and I dived deep into new meditation ways and yoga-like Surya Namaskar.

  • I learned how to enjoy and be at peace with home food. 

Though food delivery services are on, I didn’t order a single item from outside just to be safe. I cooked my own food regularly, I tried a few new dishes and I made peace with it. Now I realised, how much unnecessary we used to spend in coffee at Starbucks, eating out in cafes and restaurants. And I also did calculations which came out to be that we don’t need to spend more than 3-3.5k per month on food. Yes! That’s it. You can have a good high protein diet in this much spending per month.

  • I got comfortable with the camera

Yes, it may sound weird but I was not comfortable with the camera much when it comes to recording myself for a piece of content. But in lockdown, every friend and family member of mine video called me. This continuous video call practice made me so comfortable with the camera that I ended up making videos on Instagram which in turn helped me a lot with new networking and client base.

  • I understood the value of housework and the hard work of my house-help

I never really cared about the hard work of my house-help, to be honest I was in the midset that If I am paying someone they should be able to give me 100% work in return without realising the fact that how tiring based mopping and utensils could be. This helped me to develop empathy towards my house-help and I gave her five-month advance salary without questioning anything. They need financial right now more than anyone.

  • I fixed my sleep 

Due to regular hectic life, I was missing on sleep all of the time. It was not even 6 hours end to end. And now, thanks to lockdown, I am sleeping more than 8 hours. It helped me a lot with my energy levels and of course dark circles.


How did lockdown help you? Let me know in comments.

One thought on “For me, Lockdown came as a Blessing!

  1. When we don’t have control over the negative side of a situation like this, we should focus on making the best out of it, and learning new skills and spending time working on household stuff ant that is something we all did during this lockdown. So yeah we can say this lockdown did come as a blessing for us.


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