Q n A – 6 (Relationships – For Men)

Q. How to get over from a girl who rejected you?

A. Always be the prize, not the player running behind the prize. If someone rejects you that means you have scope for self improvement. Always rank yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, if you are 6 today, make yourself 10. How? I will keep posting about things. Keep reading my blog. 

Q. If you lack in approach then what should you do?

A. Approach game comes with practice. Start practicing. But before – Rule number one – Be attractive. Rule number two – Always remember rule number one. No one likes to get approached by an unattractive person. 

Q. Where does a person meet girls in India outside of a college environment?

A. Use Tinder, Happn, Hinge, Bumble, There are tons more. 

Q. How do you overcome breakups?

A. By shifting your mind and time into something valuable. Like a new course, or a new gym regime or a new language. 

Q. I have a crush and I get very nervous around her or even when I message her I don’t know what happens to me

A. Man – let her approach. This ain’t Bollywood. Girl will give you hint if she wants to get approached by you. Too much nervousness gives a creepy vibe which may result in another me too case. 

Q. What if a girl likes you genuinely but you don’t like her as your partner or girlfriend?

A. Tell her this on her face. Or stop talking to her. 

Q. She keeps denying whatever I tell her even when she knows I am right. What to do?

A. Stop wasting your energy. You can only wake someone up who is sleeping not someone who is acting to sleep. Ignore her wrongdoings and do not offer help when things go wrong. Focus on better things. 

Q. I love a girl but she is confused about her feelings for me and her college is about to over in one month. I am sacred of losing her. I want to marry her

A. Damn. Oneitis is very strong here. Listen buddy, she is not confused first of all. She is looking for other potential – alpha males. (alpha than you) – She will only settle with you if she doesn’t find one. But the day she finds one, she is going to dump you. That’s how human nature works. Start focusing on better things.

Q. It has been six months I had breakup but still some thought come in my mind about her when I am alone.

A. That’s normal. It is difficult to control your thoughts. Do one thing – Date some other woman, it will help. 

Q. Do you think secrets ruins a relationship?

A. Depends on a kind of secret. Is it about STDs? Definitely it would ruin. Is it about your secret obsession with her smell? It won’t. 

Q. In my relationship with my girlfriend, we had more fight than love. Whenever I think it’s time to breakup things start to get better and the cycle continues.

A. I don’t know on what issues you are fighting on. DM me more details.

Q. How to get over Oneitis?

A. Oneitis is natural. If you have sex with a girl, your brain will release dopamine. Do this enough times and you will start to associate her with that dopamine rush. So now you basically fell in love and became attached, to what your body perceives to be the mother of your children. It is difficult to get over. I understand. But things like lifting, monk mode, meditation, learning new skill and dating new girls helps a lot.


More queries? DM me or Email me. 


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