The Skinny-Fat issue!

You must have seen people around you or yourself in the mirror with long thin arms and protruding bellies. You must have understood what I am talking about. I cannot post a picture here due to copyright issue. If you have such an image, send it to me, I will add.

Now, Let’s understand, why we get skinny fat at first place.

  • Too less protein in our diet which results in less muscle mass development and excess carbs in our diet which results in fat accumulation.
  • No strength training workout. Only walks. Or maybe running/jogging around the new year ‘resolution’
  • Long sitting jobs.
  • Eating lots of junk
  • Crash Diets (like GM and Water diet), etc.

And we obviously don’t like the way we look. People advise joining the gym and workout. ‘Bros’ at the gym confuse you with two things – Bulk up your rest of the body muscles first and then, later on, cut the fat or Cut the stomach fat first, reach up to an invisible state and then start bulking on muscles. Either of this could work, but in both cases, you will have to face self-image issues for a longer period of time. You will get too fat or too skinny. And it breaks will power of someone who is new to fitness and gym.

Then what to do?

Here are some tips to follow when you start working out:

  • Keep your protein intake always around 1.8 – 2.2g per kg of body weight. Example if you are around 65kg, keep protein around 120gm.
  • Keep carbs on the higher side. You can circulate them according to workout intensity.
  • Prefer carb backloading (google the term)
  • Eat around your maintenance (TDEE) in the start and then go on a deficit or surplus according to your weight and activity level.
  • Lift heavy. I mean literally heavy. Test your every limit when you are working out. There is no need to go for 20 reps. Go for 6-8 reps but go for failure set.

That’s it. There is no magic rule or some supplement which would help you to achieve a dream body (instead of steroids of course. I hate that shit). Got a doubt? DM me.

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