Podcast Note: 1 – When One Should Seek a Therapist When It Co​mes To Mental Health

The guest was Snehal, who is a certified criminal psychologist and is pursuing her masters in criminal psychology. She is also doing other courses such as holistic psychology and courses which deal with the impact of daily living on mental health.

Listen to the Podcast here: https://anchor.fm/chirag-barjatya/episodes/When-one-should-seek-a-therapist-or-doctor-when-it-comes-to-mental-health-e3dtou/When-one-should-seek-a-therapist-or-doctor-when-it-comes-to-mental-health-abgtqk


When is the right time to consult a therapist for your mental health?

  • The decision should be one’s own personal verdict.
  • If you think that therapy will benefit you, take a chance.
  • Assess yourself observing your daily practices – for, eg, diet and schedule.


What are the familiar signifiers which will help you know that it is time to consult a therapist?

  • Untimely mood swings
  • Getting too impulsive ( which might affect you, friends and family )
  • Bipolar disorder ( episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs )
  • Alcohol/drug intake ( addictions )
  • Restlessness/hyperactivity caused by medications one is taking for other illnesses.
  • Hopelessness or feeling down unnecessarily for over months
  • Recent or past traumatic events, for, eg, losing a loved one, falling in exams etc

Any symptom which is experienced for more than 3 months of duration assures your mental illness and one should immediately seek a doctor for the same.


After you go to a doctor/ therapist, will you be put on the right medications? Let’s understand the procedure.


An excellent mental health care clinic will conduct your sessions with a psychologist, psychiatrist and counsellor separately.

  • A psychologist is the one who will assess your mental health status.
  • A psychiatrist is the one who will prescribe you proper medications.
  • A counsellor will supervise your treatment and give you suggestions.


Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 12.36.28 AM.png



Will you become addicted to the medication giving by a psychiatrist?

  • No, a good psychiatrist will always give you medications in proper form, quantity and the kind of medicine you need. However, it can cause usual common side effects like drowsiness, dizziness etc.


What are the other methods that are used to treat mental illness except for medicines?

  • There are other methods like Electroconvulsive therapy, in which seizures are electrically induced in patients to provide relief from mental disorders like severe bipolar disorders, catatonia etc.


Can scams take place in this field of treatment and diagnosis, like unnecessary tests, analysis for looting people?

  • Yes, If you are given medications by a psychiatrist and not provided therapy or regular counselling sessions with a counsellor, it’s a scam.
  • In treatment for mental illness, counselling and interactive sessions are as important as medicines. Medicines will just reduce the symptoms of your disease, whereas therapy will recover/ treat the illness.
  • Therefore, make sure that you have different sessions with a counsellor as well as a psychiatrist.


Can you treat yourself at home when you know the medicines and dosage?

  • No, you cannot treat yourself at home in any case because :
  1. A professional should guide you through your treatment.
  2. Medicines may have side effects on your body.
  3. Only medication will never help you treat your illness.


Can meditation improve your mental health or help you cope with a mental disease?

  • If you have a severe mental illness, only meditation will not help you achieve peace.
  • After you start off with medications given by a doctor, first try to improve your schedule, diet, or try to sit quietly for a few minutes to regain the stability of your mind.
  • Directly meditating for hours with a restless mind won’t help with anything.


Can sleeping pattern affect your mental health?

  • Yes, the sleeping pattern, which includes the time at which you sleep, the duration and quality of your sleep is going to affect your mental status.
  • One should sleep for an adequate amount on the right time – nor excess neither less.


Is mental illness becoming a trend/fashion in today’s time?

  • Many people think that mental illness is something that will cause mental instability due to minute problems.
  • Every other person thinks he/she is suffering from mental illness without introspecting it the right way.
  • If you experience the same problems/symptoms for more than 3 months, consult a therapist.

Before considering yourself a patient, get into normalisation yourself by doing the following:

  • Look for your negative behaviour or thoughts, if any
  • Check for your sleeping schedule
  • Try to get a better diet

Remember: The mind and gut are interlinked with each other. Hormones in our body are produced by both brain and gut, which are going to affect your appetite, activeness and functional physical as well as mental health.


What are the precautions one should take to avoid mental illness?

  • Firstly, I understand that having a mental illness is not fancy but serious.
  • Do not romanticise the idea of having a mental illness.
  • Do regular exercise – yoga, gym or meditation.
  • Identify the toxic people around you – people who have negative impacts on you; eliminate them.
  • Your relationship with your own self is most important, do not ruin it for the sake of others be it your lover, parents or friends.
  • Accept yourself as you are, also understand that other people and their perspective are different than yours, understand this too.
  • Create a positive environment for yourself at work, home etc.
  • Avoid bringing in negative thoughts in your mind unnecessarily.


What is the first aid for mental illness?

  • Talk to someone close to you trustworthy and smart enough.
  • Look for the reason by noticing your behaviour or asking someone if they see any noticeable changes in your behaviour.
  • Take opinions from 3-4 people regarding your changed behaviour, if so.
  • Try to correct your schedule and maintain a healthy one.
  • Avoid junk food at any cost.
  • Increase the water intake to have natural metabolism.
  • Try changing your negative thoughts if you notice any.


Conclusion: YOU and only YOU can save yourself. Try to remain positive most of the time and spread positivity to keep your surroundings healthy for all.

Remember : proper diet, sleep and exercise are the ladders to achieve a healthy nurturing mind.

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