Thank you PM Modi!

Not a political blog.

Elections are over, I am sure you will be back but this is a democracy and we shall wait till 23rd may. But If there is even an iota chance that you are not coming back as Prime Minister of this country, this blog is a thanks message to you from my side.

As a self-help coach and a blog writer, I always admired you on things like:

  • Strong Personality
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Oratory skills
  • Hustle attitude
  • Monk Lifestyle (stoicism from your early days of youth)
  • And Confidence.

These are the main topics I teach my mentees about. With examples like Trump and Putin, I always add you in my topics. I also recommend people books like 48 laws of power and teachings/writings of Machiavelli. And you are clearly used them all in your election campaign.

Now, talking about the main thing which I think you helped this country the most. You changed the vision of the youth of this country. To be very honest, before 2014, I personally never had the vision of India being a superpower and in competition with other countries like the USA or UK. Whenever someone went abroad for studies or work and looked down upon their own country after residing there for 2-3 years, we accepted that. But now, because of your vision and the trust which you put in the youth of the country, this is no longer true. Now I believe that we can even go ahead of the USA or UK, I know it will take time, sudden changes are not possible in 5-10 years, but we are now ready to do things for our own country. We were cubs, you came, made us taste the blood of nationalism and unity and now we are ready to work in ‘coalition’ and unity for the betterment of our own motherland.

At the same time, many of my friends who were working abroad are shifting back here because they see hope. They seeing changes and India is now being respected around the world.

This positivity and positive mindset among the youth were very much necessary. I hope with your help and guidance, we will be able to curb the use of drugs like weed and consumption of porn so that youth can focus on nation-building.

I wish to see you back. Stronger than before.

Thank you once again.


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