To the newbie at the gym…​

Hey buddy,

I understand how difficult it was for you to step your foot first time at the gym. You came to the gym in peak hour, I understand how your social anxiety must be screaming loud inside you when you saw so many people on the gym floor. You looked around but you couldn’t maintain eye contact with anyone. People are running on the treadmill, gym dudes are shouting and throwing weights on the floor. In one section there is some Punjabi Zumba class going on, everyone is just doing something but you feel lost in this crowd.

Worry not.

You at least started. You at least kept first step on the gym floor. You at least picked up your lazy ass and reached to the gym. You at least took some time out for your own self. Say thanks to yourself. 

We all start somewhere. We all experience ‘first day’ and extreme social anxiety when we join the gym. I know you are not aware of exercise names, workout splits, forms and how to even start. We also didn’t.

But guess what buddy? The best thing about such places as the gym is that people are always ready to help you (even if they are steroid user or abuser). We love helping people who are new to this place, this lifestyle. We understand how long it takes to sculpt your physique, we understand how much discipline is required, we understand how much patience is needed. We understand you and we understand each other.

If you are a newbie and reading this, please ask us anything whenever you want. You are not sure how to lift 2kg dumbbell? Ask us. Ask us every minute detail until the time you get comfortable in this place. Because after that, it will be your duty to break the social anxiety of another newbie.

You are not alone in this. We all are together. We love a healthy fit lifestyle and we will make sure you start loving and living the same.

Whenever you feel anxious, you can DM me.

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