War or Peace Talks?​

Entire social media and citizens of both the countries (India and Pakistan) are divided into two segments right now – War and Peace Talk. I too have some personal opinions to share with you people and to discuss more on same.

Why peace will create another void and it will delay the war (read – delay not prevent). Understand this first – Our fight is with the terrorism – their camps, the source of their fundings and their ideologies. Our fight is not with someone who gets up daily at 8am for work so that he can feed his wife and his children and try to come back home early to eat his favourite dish cooked by his wife and to play with his kids in the nearby park. And then he sleeps peacefully because he knows soldiers are guarding him at the border of his country. 

But at the same time how do we proceed with the peace talk? Such talks can happen only when there is a two-way communication and when people are ready to change their ideologies and unlearn the ‘misinterpretations’ of their holy book/s. Suppose tomorrow if we plan to set up 2000 schools in the terrorist owned area – would education solve things? No. Education was present when world war happened. Education and Experience were present when the second world war happened. We cannot talk about peace with such terror groups. The only way to control them is either kill them by hunger (as per one of the rules of Machiavelli Niccolo) or just wipe them off – but that’s also not possible because :

  • What about their wives and children? They are innocent.
  • How many people you will wipe? In the last 10 days, we saw many ‘jaish’ supporter working in Indian companies laughing on posts of Pulwama Attack.

In short – There is no end to end complete solution for such people and for such situations with peace talks.

Now let’s talk about War and Soldiers dying at our borders. Do we want them to die? – Of course not. But you have to understand from the pov of a ‘Soldier – Duty’. He (or she) is always ready to die for his own country or motherland and before we get emotional about the state of such wars, we have to look at the history of the Earth. Humans have been fighting battles and war for land, food and sex since the beginning of themselves. Because of such battles, they learned how to make groups, how to raise farms and how to expand themselves (reproduction). Later on when civilizations came – the intensity of such war increased. This is in the nature of Human – To war. It excites them. (if you want to understand this please read – Matterhorn on the Vietnam war).

Several People on Social Media has been guilting other people saying that – “if you want war go fight on the border”. That is not how it works. Everyone in our country right now is working and paying taxes so that soldiers posted on the border can have good weapons to protect us from outside attacks. This is the basis of any civilization. Civilian pay taxes and Farmers produce food. Everyone is doing their job because we have something bigger than us to protect till our death i.e. Our Nation. Our Borders and Our Families or People. And when things worsen, eventually everyone would pick up a weapon to fight the enemy.

But again the repercussions of war is giving birth to more enmity. If your country killed someone’s Dad in a war, there are high chances that 20 years down the line the child will think of revenge. That is why they say – It is easy to start a war but it is very difficult to end it.

What solution do you have in mind? Share with me on my Instagram DM or Comment here. 

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