Why we need to save Cows!

The title might trigger you if you are anti modi/bjp/rss person, or if you are a ‘beef’ lover and hate the concept of ‘beef ban’, but today I am going to talk some logic behind the emergence of safety of cows that is going in our country and why it should continue.

First let’s talk about the usefulness of cows. They provide us with:

  • Milk and by products: Milk is good in protein and calcium. We get whey because of Milk which really helps people to cover their protein requirements, Ghee/Cheese/Paneer – for good fats, hence better hormonal health and brain functioning. And other products like Curd, buttermilk, etc – Good for digestion and acts as probiotics.
  • Cow Dung: A very rich fertilizer, efficient fuel and biogas producer, acts as a mosquito repellent and a useful building material.
  • In Farming: They help in farming as their waste material like urine and dung acts as fertilizer and insect repellent. They also eat useless grass and weeds from the farm which again helps to maintain the nutrition of soil.
  • Harmless Animal with Mother instinct: They will never harm anyone but always ready to protect if someone attacks their kids or their master’s kids. They are a family animal.

Now let’s talk about why their safety is important and why we need to take few measures to guard and save them.

Have you seen those videos of PETA where the cows are forcibly raped just to pregnant them again and again for continuous production of Milk – If not, youtube it.  – Good news, this doesn’t happen in our country (YET!). Why?

Because cows are a religious animal and as per my experience (after visiting several cow farms) – They do not even inject estrogen or serotonin based injections in them because “They consider cow as mother”. And result being – we get good quality of stress free Milk and other products.

Now the question arises – Why to put ban on beef or slaughtering of cows. Understand from the perspective of the quality of milk your kid going to drink tonight and the farmer raising a cow. We see such videos of PETA because in countries like US and UK their main aim to milk the cow at their maximum possible quantity and then sell them off to slaughtering houses – maximum profit.

Here in India, by putting control over the consumption of beef, farmers tend to take more and better care of cows without forcing them to produce Milk. Because here cow acts like a golden goose where the farmer is getting consistent earning by distributing milk in market. If you allow the consumption of beef in our country, by default a farmer will think of maximum profit and they will start injecting cows with shit load of hormones, hence our kids will be drinking worst quality of milk.

We need to save our ‘desi bred cows’ in order to get less expensive and better quality of milk for us and for our kids. We need whey, paneer and other products for better protein in our body = for better health = ultimately less load on government in form of diseases, etc.

What can you do or contribute to save them?

  • Donate to cow farms.
  • Question people if you suspect someone is carrying cows for slaughtering and inform police. But for God’s sake, do not lynch them or support such things. That’s bad. It is like if someone steals your dog tomorrow for meat – will you kill that person?
  • Adopt a desi cow if you can afford. Practically she will be in farm, you need to provide for her food and medicines.
  • Teach your kids about the usefulness of this golden animal.


Always up for discussion in DM. Hit me up.

One thought on “Why we need to save Cows!

  1. Anju Mini

    I totally disagree with this article.Because cows are not the only animal that’s living on earth.So it’s totally unfair to just protect cows alone just because cows are giving us milk and it’s byproducts .Each and every animal contribute something.Whether it’s chicken ,mutton or fish.We get protein from eggs and so. Protecting cows alone won’t do.Each living organisms has their own right to live like human beings.Right?We are harming someone for our selfish reasons.We get protiens from plants too.So animals are not the only source we get protein from.Even getting milk from a cow is like harming it,because that milk is for their children not us.So it’s totally unfair to save cow alone.
    I go for veganism rather than protecting one animal for our selfish reasons.


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